Top 5 Most Powerful Book Marketing Tips for Authors

By | August 11, 2016

Book marketing. It’s the number one question I hear from new and not-so-new authors. Here I’ve curated a list of my top book marketing strategies. I share them with you in the words of the experts.

book marketing top 5 tips for authors

1. Create an email list

Jason Kong says that getting subscribers to your email list should be your top priority. Jason is a pro at book marketing and the founder of Storyrally, a site to help authors with book marketing. I couldn’t agree with Jason more, and that’s why I’ve placed creating an email list as number one on this list.

Read more of Jason’s advice in his guest post at book designer Joel Friedlander’s site: Fiction Writers: A Simple Approach to Build a Better Email List.

2. Have a website and make it look good

Not having an author website is like not having a home. Your website is the foundation of your brand and where your book marketing begins. But you would be better not to have a website than you have one that poorly reflects on you as an author and your book.

James Chartrand, a copywriter and web designer, says new authors can’t afford to have ugly websites. In an article he wrote for best-selling indie author Joanna Penn, Is Your Website Hurting Your Writing?, Chartrand says your website should reflect you and your books.

3. Become a featured writer

One of the ways to create visibility for yourself and your book is to write for already established blogs and websites. If you don’t already have an online following, you can stand on the shoulders of a blogger or website with a loyal following.

The folks at Smith Publicity suggest finding a website related to your genre, or one where you can write about being an author or writing your first book. This is just one suggestion from the book marketers and promoters at Smith. They also offer 101 Book Marketing Ideas to Promote Your Book.

4. Bar hop your book

The best place to find your first readers is close to home. As a local, you’re more likely to get noticed as a new author. But new authors can have a difficult time convincing the chain bookstores to hold a book marketing event.

Jane Friedman is a former book publisher and well-known among authors looking for publishing advice. In Book Marketing 101 she talks about the death of book signings and recommends looking for unexpected places to hold book events, such as bars, coffee shops or indie bookstores.

5. The magic of asking for help

Social media has been a gift to authors, especially new authors trying to promote their books. But social media has become saturated with in-your-face book marketing messages. It’s become difficult to rise above the noise.

Carol Tice, author of “The Pocket Small Business Owner’s Guide to Starting Your Business on a Shoestring,” tells how she asked her Linkedin connections for help in promoting her upcoming release. She didn’t spam her contacts with book marketing messages. Instead, she sent personal messages to her Linkedin connections asking if they would help her with book marketing ideas. Well, as she tells in her story, she received some great ideas and found her first readers. Read Carol’s story at My Best Book Marketing Tip for Creating Maximum Buzz.

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