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Punctuation Blunder: Don’t Scream at Your Readers!!!

The exclamation point. Get attention! It’s urgent! Show excitement! Scream! Shout! The exclamation point or mark serves a useful purpose in writing. It helps us express emotion or raise the volume on the written word. But too much excitement or shouting could leave your readers plugging their ears, or worse, setting aside your story in… Read More »

Find and Replace in Word: More Quick Tricks

In a recent post we looked at using the Find and Replace in Word feature to make your editing more productive. That post was focused on copyediting tasks. In this post, we’ll take a look at how to use the Find and Replace in Word feature to edit your book’s format using styles. Now, let’s back… Read More »

Editing: 5 Quick Tips to Improve Your Book

Editing a manuscript seems to be one of the most ignored steps of the publication process when you are in a hurry to get a book on the shelves. But editing is one of the most important steps of publishing and should not be ignored nor taken lightly. Ok, you know this. But wait, don’t skip… Read More »