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Move Beyond Facebook to Smaller Social Networks

In today’s hyper-connected world, most business owners are beginning to realize that social media isn’t optional any longer. Customers have told business owners that they use social networks to talk about, recommend, and make decisions about their purchases. Books thrive in social networks. Readers recommend what they’re reading, comment on books they’ve enjoyed, and share… Read More »

How to Publish to Inspire

A good book leaves me feeling emotional. It inspires me to think, to feel, to change. There is an unexplainable feeling when I’ve finished a book with an incredible message. Sometimes that message is practical and inspires me to make a change in my business. Other times a book inspires me to personal reflection. And sometimes… Read More »

The First 3 Steps to Self-publishing A Book

I’ve written a book. Now what? A hopeful author, like yourself, has written a manuscript, wants to publish it, but doesn’t know where to start. You are ready and determined to reach your dream of self-publishing a book–YOUR book. I’ve written this post for you, if you are completely new to self-publishing and have no… Read More »

3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Self-publish

This week I received an email from a dear lady who has written her memoirs. She wants to self-publish them for friends and family, but also for the general public. She believes her story will interest others. I agree. She grew up in an Amish community. If you check out book lists on Amazon, you’ll… Read More »