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By | February 18, 2016

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In today’s hyper-connected world, most business owners are beginning to realize that social media isn’t optional any longer. Customers have told business owners that they use social networks to talk about, recommend, and make decisions about their purchases.

Books thrive in social networks. Readers recommend what they’re reading, comment on books they’ve enjoyed, and share new book releases with their friends.

You probably have an author Facebook page, but what other social networks are you using to let the world know about your book?

In this post, you get some ideas for other, lesser-known social networks for connecting with readers. You may find, like me, that some of these social media outlets are less cluttered and you get noticed more easily.


Posting to Tumblr is like creating a micro-blog. You can share stories, video, photos, quotes, music…almost anything you like. Get found by other Tumblrs who share your interests. There is a strong book-lovers community on Tumblr.

social networks Ello-LogoEllo

A relatively new-comer to the social media scene, Ello is a social network for creatives. If you just want to promote books, you’ll be largely ignored. But if you want to connect with other like-minded, intelligent, creative people, you’ll find them on Ello. Don’t be put off by its simple design. Ello was created to get rid of all the usual social media clutter. It’s all about connecting with people.


Women read books. Lots of books. And if that is true, and it is, you definitely want to add cafemom to your social networks. This social media outlet is all about things of interest to moms and moms-to-be, and there are numerous book groups, from book reviews to Digital Book Divas.

social networks GentlemintLogoGentlemint

And men, here’s one for you: a social network all about men and the things they love. Food, beer, politics, business, cars, fitness, world news…Gentlemint is the bomb for men looking to share interests inside social networks.


I follow dozens of online entrepreneurs–and believe me, what you are doing as an author is online entrepreneurship–and they all say that most of their new Web traffic comes from Pinterest. This social network has become a giant very quickly and has a very loyal following. Pinterest is where people ‘collect’ topics of interest. You can ‘pin’ your favorite writing and publishing sites and follow others with like interests. Images are key, so make sure when pinning from your own site you have plenty of great images.


Periscope falls outside of the usual social networks sites. It’s the Twitter version of live video broadcasts. From the Periscope app on your phone, you start a live video broadcast, from literally anywhere, and you’ll have random viewers join you, from literally everywhere. Among social networks, Periscope is a great place to make waves if you are a newly published author. Talk about your book, topics related to your book…I don’t know, talk about the city where you live. The point is that you can be ‘seen’ on Periscope and make a truly personal connection with people all over the world.

Who knows. Maybe some of them will want to read your book.

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