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By | March 10, 2016

Digital book signing. Autograph your ebook with a digital signature

Promote Your Book with a Digital Book Signing

Not only can you connect with ebook readers at a digital book signing, digital author signatures open up a whole new world of online and virtual event planning for your next book promotion.

There are several companies that offer different ways for you to connect with readers through an autographed book. Some allow you to sign your autograph right onto the screen of an iPad at a live event. Others allow you to sign one of the front pages of your ebook, digitally, while holding an online signing event where you get to chat with your readers. Others are as simple as sending a digital signature through an email.

What is an e-signature?

An e-signature allows the author to add his personalized autograph after the title page of your ebook. This personalized signature has a digital verification, ensuring that your personalized autograph is authentic.

One of the more popular digital book signing services is Autography. This service allows authors to insert an autographed page right into the ebook.

Check Out Our first digital book signing

This month we are doing our first ever digital book signing with Spanish author Richard Falken. He will be e-signing the English version of his fantasy ebook The Flaming Wrath of Árelor.

Richard is not using a service, but has set up a secure, encrypted, online chat so you can talk to him, ask him questions, and find out how to get your copy of The Flaming Wrath of Árelor e-signed by him.

He’s also using an open source platform for the digital signing. It cost him absolutely nothing! If you are a bit tech savvy, you can learn how Richard set up his digital book signing platform. He would be happy to share a link with instructions, and you are certainly welcome to ask him questions about how he is managing his own digital book signing.

UPDATE: This event has ended.


How it works

While you can plan a digital book signing event in many ways, here are the 5 simple steps we are using at our first digital book signing event:

  1. On the day of the book signing, head over to the link posted here on the publicity page.
  2. Once you arrive on the chat page, type your name in the field that says Nickname. You can use your real name or choose something funky.
  3. Click Login.
  4. Then just type in the chat box. Say hello to Richard. Tell him something you liked about his book, or ask him a question.
  5. Richard will provide you with a secure, encrypted email address where you can send your copy of the ebook. He’ll send it back to your email address with his signature included. The signature is verified and authentic by the open source software he is using to digitally sign the book.

About the book

The Flaming Wrath of Árelor is a fantasy book, but it is also a book about the nature of theocracies, totalitarianism, and people willing to sacrifice absolutely everything in order to accomplish their goals. It is a story of vengeance, magic and empires that crumble under the weight of their own evilness.

This book was originally published in Spanish as La Espada Vengadora, which is also available for sale on Amazon. The Flaming Wrath of Árelor is the English version.

digital book signing with Richard FalkenAbout the author

Richard Falken is an aspiring Mechanical Engineer who, in his spare time, listens to Heavy Metal, spreads the word of free software and writes epic literature. Falken is also a proud knife collector, and the official friend of the horses in the small town he lives in.

In addition, Richard is a political activist and a known defender of civil rights against the ever-present threat of its enemies.

He was heavily influenced by the Epic Fantasy genre from a young age. He was particularly attracted by the work of authors such as Margaret Weis, Tracy Hickman and Louise Cooper. He wrote his first novel when he was 18, La Espada Vengadora, which has now been translated into English as The Flaming Wrath of Árelor.

He is also the author of another book published in Spanish, El Libro Negro, which is pending translation.

Preferring the quiet life of the country to the busy rush of the city, Richard Falken currently lives in a small Spanish town with 8 dogs, 2 horses and an ever-growing collection of knives and books.

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