5 thoughts on “20 Easy Steps to an ISBN and Your Book’s Metadata

  1. ioannes patrem

    thank you toni! Could you explain just a bit what “Exclusive worldwide rights” would mean: we are self publishing a 212 page graphic novel (action adventure). probably just on amazon, etc. do we want “exclusive rights”? I think we want to sell to any country (especially english speaking countries).

    1. TONI Ressaire Post author

      Exclusive worldwide rights means that only the entity with these rights can publish anywhere and everywhere in the world. If you make this selection for ISBN, it means that you indeed have all rights to publish worldwide, and only you. You have not given these rights to anyone else. For example, if you have given someone in Germany rights to publish in Germany, you do not have exclusive worldwide rights.

      If you are self-publishing and not working with any other publisher, you should make this selection.

      Does that help?

  2. j k

    This is amazing!!! Definitely sharing and saving for later! 🙂

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