Calculate Spine Width: Book Jackets by the Numbers

Front cover, back cover and spine. Those are the elements of a perfect bound print book jacket. The front and back cover dimensions, called the trim, will be the same as your final print size (plus any bleed determined by your printer), but how do you calculate spine width? To calculate spine width, you need… Read More »

Top 5 Most Powerful Book Marketing Tips for Authors

Book marketing. It’s the number one question I hear from new and not-so-new authors. Here I’ve curated a list of my top book marketing strategies. I share them with you in the words of the experts. 1. Create an email list Jason Kong says that getting subscribers to your email list should be your top priority.… Read More »

Ultimate Guide to eBook Images

Finding the perfect size for ebook images can be confusing. If you search the Internet for how to size interior images for ebooks, you’ll find that getting a straight answer is difficult. The reason is that there is no perfect size for interior ebook images. In this article, I’ll try to explain some of the… Read More »

ITIN: How to Sell on iBooks for Non-US Citizens

Ron Taylor is a filmmaker, but in the last few years, he turned his passion for film into ebooks. Ron is the author of “How to Shoot and Edit Your Home Movies Like a Pro”. The ebook includes more than 40 how-to video clips and is available on the Apple iBooks store. But Ron is not a… Read More »

Why Your eBook Design Doesn’t Look Like Your Print Book

I often hear or read this request from authors: I want my ebook design to look exactly like the print version. I understand, as print books are beautifully designed, and often the author has gone to a great deal of time working with a typesetter and book designer to achieve a specific layout and design.… Read More »

Grammarly Review: Can This Grammar Checker Improve Your Writing?

In this post I share my Grammarly review. Grammarly is a free or paid tool that helps you keep track of and correct writing errors. …because even we wordsmiths need a little help. Last week I received a message in my email from Grammarly, one of my writing and editing tools: “Happy Grammarversary! 1 year has… Read More »

Digital Book Signing for Author Autographs

Promote Your Book with a Digital Book Signing Not only can you connect with ebook readers at a digital book signing, digital author signatures open up a whole new world of online and virtual event planning for your next book promotion. There are several companies that offer different ways for you to connect with readers through… Read More »

Aggregators: How to Get Your Book Into More Retail Outlets

Let’s face it; getting your book into multiple retail outlets is time-consuming. While it’s simple enough to publish your ebook to Amazon and distribute your print title through Ingram, reaching all of the possible retail outlets requires setting up an monitoring many accounts. This is where aggregators can help. In 8 Places to Self-publish Besides… Read More »

Move Beyond Facebook to Smaller Social Networks

In today’s hyper-connected world, most business owners are beginning to realize that social media isn’t optional any longer. Customers have told business owners that they use social networks to talk about, recommend, and make decisions about their purchases. Books thrive in social networks. Readers recommend what they’re reading, comment on books they’ve enjoyed, and share… Read More »

eBook Formatting: 4 Publishing Tools

eBook formatting isn’t just for newbies to publishing; sometimes even we old-timers can learn a new way of doing things. Take software, for example. There are many great software tools for writers, editors, and publishers to use for ebook formatting. Today I want to focus on three, not because they are the three best or the three… Read More »